Class of 47

1947 Chris Craft 36’ Cruiser

Restoration Project – Chris Craft 36’ Double Stateroom Forward Enclosed Cruiser 1947

In 2002 I bought a 36’ Double Stateroom that was delivered new to Grand Craft Marina on Grand Lake in 1947. Grand Craft is now Scotty’s Cove, located about a 1,000’ from my docks. My wife liked the floor plan for family use much better than our other boats. I often wondered if the year was a factor; but I am not about to divulge why. We enjoyed the boat. But, like other non- restored boats it had issues from time to time with the hull and engines. Two years outside storage waiting for restoration took its toll. And, after 67 years, everything was tired and lacked creature comforts.

My parents always told me “if you do something, do it right” so the renovation became a true ‘keel up’ restoration, every inch touched. We started with keel repair, gripe, bow stem, and new 5200 bottom. We had a heck of a time turning it upside down for new bottom like we do with a runabout. I am kidding of course. Nearly 14,000 pounds has to stay upright and plumb. My personal boats always take 2nd place to customer boats so Phase I took six months. Phase II is now in progress.

The scope of work includes: keel repair, new gripe, new bow stem, new 5200 bottom, refastening and replacement of hull and top side planks as needed, new windshield, new aft deck, rebuilding of bow deck to support winch/davit , refurbishing of cabin exterior, refurbishing of forward stateroom, building new furniture, refurbishing the head, refurbishing of the galley (including new appliances), refurbishing the V-berth, new teak decks bow to stern. Reconfiguring and building new engine hatches. Repowering with 327’s. New generator, two new heat and air conditioning units, restoring and converting gauges to electronic, new sound system, addition of various new electronics. New wiring, upholstery, and LED lighting. Lots of sawdust, painting, plating, and refinishing.

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